thursday morning headache

i am starting to wonder if it is even possible to keep up with the news. do we each have to choose our own little corner of it and keep up with that? or is everything just actually bullshit? i wonder because i have this recurring problem where i will make a statement about something political, and this guy, Jim, is constantly disagreeing with me and making vague references to lots of details that I can’t claim to have knowledge of. Example…we’re talking about Colin Powell and his failures under the Bush administration, and Jim says “well, i don’t think we should have really been that surprised…look at his record. personally i can find a great deal of fault with a lot of things that Powell has done in his past, and i’m sure you can too”. now, i’m not an expert on military history, and i can’t even claim to have a detailed off-the-top-of-my-head knowledge of Powell’s personal career history. However, Jim’s particular comment made it difficult for me to engage further in that conversation unless I claimed to know more about Powell’s history than I do, unless I was looking for a history lesson from Jim, which I wasn’t. So was this Jim just knowing more about the subject than me, or was this a way of implying that he knows much more than he does?

I wouldn’t question it, but he does things like that on a regular basis…and I don’t know whether he manages to know a LOT about lots of different things or if he’s just full of shit.


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