current events

so the UN general assembly is finally done, now traffic can get back to normal. i’m still not totally used to people saying things like “so i was meeting with g.s., al gore and some of his people over the weekend…” but it’s getting a little more normal. i’d be more excited if I could be the one dropping such ostentatious and generally obnoxious comments. but i’m not, of course. instead i can name-drop people like…well…lesha, my cubicle-neighbor, who is one hip chick.

in other current events news, i wish that more US politicians would be like the European women backing Madrid for their fantastic decision to block models with BMI’s under 18. but, c’est la vie in America that instead you only hear of how that is discrimination to skinny models, and that incredibly thin models, which are held up as showing the ideal way for clothes to hang on a body, has anything whatsoever to do with girls and bad body image…seriously…

enough ranting for now. maybe next time i’ll start on the recent attacks on clinton’s terrorism policy by the bush administration…


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