i am in london for work, but having a bit of time to run around and play with friends here.  arrived tuesday morning, totally refreshed after taking a cozy nap on the plane.  on tuesday night i got to hang out with my darling Hanah!!  which was superexciting.  she and i get to hang out in batches.  i’ll go a year without seeing this chick while she flounces around places like tel aviv and washington dc and then see her 3 times in 2 months, as this summer shows – massachussetts, NYC and london…it’s fun though.  here’s me and hanah.

tea entrance

so hanah is attending soas, studying development…or something.  she’s taking hebrew and a globalization class, i remember that for sure.  anyway, we decide to walk down to brick lane from soas, which is probably 40 minutes or so, not bad…we end up in this restaurant called ‘chutney’.  i really wish this was the point at which i could totally recommend these digs to anyone.  however.  the food was fantastic.  service was okay.  prices were decent.  and then.  just as we are getting ready to leave.

hanah looks towards the bar area, near the door to the kitchen.  she looks at the floor.

she pales.

she covers her mouth and points.

yes, there is a mouse on the floor between the bar and the kitchen.



we left.

the end.

‘nuf said.

we had a lovely walk home though, and i got to see her flat which looked almost alarmingly like our places in Sinton at Queens, except instead of cinderblock walls, they actually plastered these – wahoo!


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