lisa and joe

i’ve known lisa since 5th grade.  went to gilbert together, but went our separate ways in schools pretty quickly.  we’ve kept in touch, sometimes better than other times.  she’s in london now with her very likeable boyfriend joe, and we met up on wednesday night for a little catch-up and some quality time.  quality time it was 🙂 

lisa lives one of the most interesting lives i know – she is a fabulous, adverturous woman that decides to do something and then does it.  she’s lovely.  she kept me entertained with stories that i had not yet heard about her escapades from oregon to thailand and back, but they’re not my stories, they are hers, so if you know lisa and don’t know them, make sure you ask her. 


2 Responses to “lisa and joe”

  1. Lisa van Dusen?

  2. yeah, lisa van deusen 🙂 sweet, huh

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