funny stories

does anybody have any funny stories to tell me?  i’m feeling a bit crushed, constrained, and controlled.  i could use lightness and humor right now…


One Response to “funny stories”

  1. I found this humorous at least:
    I ordered a cup of hot chocolate (my host Trevor serving as interpreter) at a coffeeshop in Kyiv. The waitress soon returned. Before me she put an espresso cup full of melted chocolate. A hot chocolate. Maybe I was supposed to mix it with the glass of water she put on the side, but it was more fun just to eat a tiny spoonful at a time. Well, now it doesn’t seem as humorous.

    As I working on eating that, Trevor told me some Peace Corps volunteers had been really excited to find a cheeseburger on the menu in a restaurant in Ukraine. So, they ordered it… and they received a slab of deep-fat-fried cheese in a bun.

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