office lunch

…so my office serves lunch every day.  for free.  sometimes it’s pretty good, sometimes it sucks.  anyway.  there’s a group of us that usually eat together, and the conversations that take place range from:

Which would longer outlast a nuclear (or nuc-u-lar if you will) holocaust:  twinkies or cockroaches?


Is it true that tofu rots men’s brains in large quantities?

so it goes without saying that this is pretty high-level stuff, fit for PhD dissertations and the like. 


 i bring it up (and may often in the future) because todays discussion centered around something very important to all of us. 

tyra banks and her sad, sad career. 

scratch that…i don’t care about tyra banks at all.  or her career.  so what’s the point?  i guess it’s just that lunchtime talk is fun.  at one point we talked about getting our own public-access television show and just producing our lunchtime discussions.  that went no-where, naturally, but still…i feel like if tyra can have her own show, why can we?  we’re way more interesting, much smarter, and although not as good looking (except saul of course), we are much, much hipper. 

other points from todays lunch:  girls that have stints dating girls for a short time in college but then date/marry men, whether models make out when they’re doing cocaine and drinking champagne (i don’t pretend to understand this theory, i just report it.  for more information on this, i can put you in touch with saul), hipsters and whether they are 90% posers, and tyra banks in general. 



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  1. Amanda, I love you!

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