today is election day, and the first thing i did after leaving the house was cross the street to my local elementary school, and buy some products from their bake sale.  and i voted too which was cool.  anyway, as i was walking to the school, i passed a dad sitting with his daughter on the front steps, and he was explaining to her, in very sweet and idealistic terms, why it was important that daddy vote. 

 now, of course, even though it’s way too early, i’m obsessively watching for any sign of outcome on the referendums, propositions, and governer, senator, and house elections.

i’ve been talking to people at work and we’re going out tonight to watch the results come in…we looked for days for a place to watch – a sympathetic bar or something…then this morning janet points out to me that we work next to the CNN center, and that maybe, JUST maybe, there might be some coverage going on there.  so i popped over during lunch and was accosted and asked to talk on national television.  i had to decline because i think i would just look dumb plus i live in manhattan – i’m not worried that i’m the only lib dem that they’ll find today with an opinion.  i made some buttons stating that i’m “pro-choice and peace” and “anti-imperialism and capitalism” which was fun.  now i’m trying to figure out how to get work done…a problem not easily solved apparently.  back to it now, i guess.


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