it’s a beautiful day…

literally and, of course, figuratively.  top 10 reasons why this week totally kicks ass:

10.  great weather – yesterday was rainy but it’s fall – now it’s sunny and warm!

9.  democrats took control of the house and hopefully/probably the senate (let the impeachment begin)

8.  south dakota did NOT pass a bill banning all abortions (thank goodness for small victories)

7.  rumsfeld resigned.  ‘nuf said.

6.  i saw an awesome play by stefan peca, a brilliant romanian playwright.

5.  white house correspondents finally got brave and RAKED bush over the coals at the white house press conference yesterday

4.  New York State announced plans to make gender a personal choice – no surgery required!

3.  ola’s visas for our trip to visit his parents came in!!!

2.  hillary clinton, barack obama and tom vilsack are ALL considering running for president in 2008.

1.  rick santorum is no longer anybody’s representative.  i don’t care if his daughter does cry, we’re all better off.

so i know that didn’t cover everything happy, and that there are a lot of things to be upset and angry about – Michigan banned affirmative action in government and public employment, Wisconsin and other states voted to define marriage as between a man and a woman, and I’m convinced that the only reason the South Dakota proposition on abortion didn’t pass is because it didn’t make exceptions for incest, rape and the health of the mother. 

however, despite the truly mixed bag we’ve been handed with, we’ve also got new opportunities.  i’m excited.


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