karl marx and breastfeeding.

hanah, thanks for the comments love…trust me, you’re not overly middle of the road 🙂  i have determined that, when trying to stick to implementable ideas rather than strict theory, it’s hard to remain overly liberal….in that, for example, i think that marx was a genius and that the communist manifesto has some amazing ideas and theories in it.  however, history has shown us over and over again that the communist manifesto is based on choices that humans just don’t seem to make when they are in power.  that’s not to say that it’s not possible, but to date, no manifestation of any ideals that marx talked about has been successful (nor a true fruition of his vision, i would argue).   anyway, i guess that my point there is that even the most idealistic and visionary theories can be twisted into some pretty awful stuff if some depressing human realism is not considered…

so.  marx and breastfeeding.  good combo.  i like it. 

i was actually talking about vermont, and burlington today with a colleague of mine.  we described the whole place as two perky comments shy of stepford.  then we decided that maybe we had just been in the city for too long and were a little too cynical…of course, we’d also been hanging out with a bunch of undergrads, half of whom seemed to be ready to take on the world, and half of whom seemed to be ready to argue why any possibility of change that we put in front of them could never possiby work.  i think, from my experience in vermont so far, that it’s a lovely place, i love to visit, and i think it’s very nice that they are able to focus on issues such as breastfeeding in public, but i myself would rather be working and living in a place where people are working on other issues, and think that extended theoretical discusions on breastfeeding are a luxury that they don’t necessarily have the privilege of participating in.  i didn’t actually realize that until now, but i don’t like being in a community in which i feel overly removed from serious social issues.  maybe i’m just being another kind of snob. 


One Response to “karl marx and breastfeeding.”

  1. Manda, you have to look at this: http://www.girlsgonechild.blogspot.com/
    when we become moms, we will not be alone. hehe.

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