in botswana

i’m in gaborone, botswana to visit my in-laws with ola and my mom.  at first when i told people i was coming to bots, they thought it was just a holiday, which is lovely, but that’s not what this is.  we have done some touristy stuff – we’ve gone to a reserve and took a tour to check out the animals, which was awesome…2 favorite moments happened during this little adventure:

1.  it POURED during the tour, which was fine – we slid around on the road a bit and the animals didn’t disappear like we were afraid they might.  however, i blame the rain for not getting to see a giraffe.

2.  a warthog got scared out of his burrow as we drove by, and tore across the road, nearly hitting our back tire, squealing really loudly, which scared my mom so she screamed.  it was funny.

all in all the nature drive was fabulous and wonderful.  other reserves are pretty far away, so we just went to the one, which is fine.  🙂

andy and ade have a pool at their house, and i’ve progressively gotten lazier over the past couple of weeks, spending more time in and near the pool.

 other topics of interest:  our 2nd wedding reception, ola’s driving skills (don’t worry, they’re great), racetrack driving, the new bond film, and some fabulous old friends…but i’m paying for this internet time so that’s it for now.


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