reflecting on a great trip

we’re back in the US, and have been here for a couple of days.  it was a great trip, with lots of friends family and fun. 🙂

the reception was really cool.  ade worked so incredibly hard to put it together for us, and it showed.  there was an incredible amount of food, all delicious.  the house was overrun with women that came over to help out the two days before the event.  they cooked practically the whole time.  i learned how to make a few dishes that i hope to try out on my dear husband sometime soon!  we had a really nice ceremony with a bunch of people there.  we didn’t know most of them, but they were all really lovely, and there were a few old friends of ola’s from high school in attendance.  this is us with them.

me, tunbosun, nally and panto

We also went go-cart racing on a dirt track not too far from where andy and ade live, which was AWESOME.  we found out that actually we’re all super-competitive (shocking) and each of the guys crashed at least once, which was pretty funny (nobody got hurt).  I didn’t crash, haha!  Then we went out for some fabulous Indian food, during which some really immature conversation commenced, which = good times had by all 🙂

we spent a fairly obscene amount of time in/by the swimming pool, which frankly i can live with.  it was hot, dry and sunny pretty much the whole time, and although you can’t tell, i have a fabulous tan now.  of course, it’ll be totally faded by the new year, but for now it’s cool.


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