home for the holiday?

i’m about to head home for the holidays…no, not back to minnesota, where my mom lives, not to kentucky, where my dad lives, and not back to bots, where my in-laws live.  i’m going home from work this afternoon to my beloved apartment, ola, and naya & bree. 

it’s kind of exciting and nice that we’re celebrating the holidays in our own home this year.  we’re going to have friends visit us, see people around town, cook for ourselves, and be laid back.  really laid back, since we’re still without cable and a computer.

however, our christmas present to ourselves will be a new computer, so hopefully we’ll have internet at home soon.  i won’t be writing anything (most likely) until the new year since we do not have the computer or internet at home, but i’m planning to come back with some resolutions.  i don’t really believe in new years resolutions, but it’s a good excuse and reason to reflect on where i am and where i want to go…and if i’m doing the things i need to get there and be happy (stay happy, i AM happy).  🙂

i bought a christmas tree last night, in a pot so if i don’t kill it we’ll be able to keep it.  actually, it’s more like a christmas shrub.  i would not put it past bree to eat it despite the fact that it’s a “norfolk pine”, whatever the (bleep) that is…it’s cute though and that’s what matters…apparently. 

so happy hannukah, merry christmas, and a fabulous new year.  see you in 2007! 🙂


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