nearly new year

it is almost new years, and today is ola’s birthday 🙂 we had a fantastic dinner at il palazzo with my dad and joyce, and now we’re back home hanging out…yes, at home. with a computer AND with internet! i can’t vouch for how long the internet is going to last…we’re stealing (borrowing really) from other people in our building and will most likely continue to do so until we’re booted. boo us if you want but internet is friggin’ expensive here and we’re poor. so there. ha. new years is coming up and i’m excited about it…which makes me want to come up with some darn good ideas for what try strive for this coming year. i’ve already got one, and for anybody that knows me pretty well it won’t be shocking – lose some weight. it’s been a constant struggle for me, and i’ve already lost a nice amount, as everybody who says me tells me (thanks!) but i would still like to lose some more – so it’s back to the ymca for my workouts and watching carefully what i’m eating! i’m also trying to think of some more generally positive stuff too but we’ll have to see what comes of it…


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