five things…

thanks sharranie, now i get to come up with 5 things that people maybe don’t know about me…which is hard because i talk so much, most people know everything already (ask my mom, she’ll heartily confirm).

1.  back to school.  i’m heading back to school, almost certainly in fall 2008, hopefully for an MA/JD combo.  I’d like to do rights work and maybe do development studies (partially inspired by Hanah).

2.   i am developing my own version of water-soccer (water-football for the internationally inclined).  it’s still very much in the works, but once i get a league going it’s gonna be HUGE.  yes, you CAN kick a soccer ball while treading water.  it’s a skill i developed during my many days of doing nothing but sitting by a pool in bots this winter 🙂

3.  last winter, i went ice skating at an old fort in belgrade.  it’s amazing – it’s a historical strategic fort on the convergence of two rivers and just outside the fort walls is this outdoor ice rink.  i spent a jet-lagged afternoon there, and it was one of the highlights of that trip 🙂

4.  by getting married to ola, i am a nigerian citizen.  i am free to apply for my green passport at any time that the spirit so moves me (cool, but i am afraid that at this juncture the burdens outweigh the benefits, so for now probably not)

5.  i want to learn a lot of languages.  at the top of my list is spanish, russian and arabic.  after which comes turkish, mandarin, french, hindi and farsi.  after that it’s a toss-up.  however, i’m still working on spanish so i need to get cracking. 

 that’s it. 

i think this should go to krissy (amazing woman in DC, she’s changing the world every day),

hanah (fabulous red-diaper baby, and working on either saving or taking over the world in her IR development studies course in London),

 lisa (a driven, creative and thoughtful thinker and teacher),

ivana(an outrageous and thought-provoking artist)

and…george (the only non-mongolian i know that speaks mongolian fluently.  how cool is that?)


One Response to “five things…”

  1. I love it… fun game. I also love you 🙂

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