travel and stuff

tomorrow morning i’m heading out on my third international trip in four months. this is, i believe, a record, even counting my time in belfast. it doesn’t cease to be exciting for me, and a little bit scary. i have a brand-new challenge this trip. i will be traveling directly from thailand to mongolia in the middle of january. this means that i have to pack for a very warm climate, and also one of the coldest on earth on the same trip. i’ve spent 3 hours this morning working on my packing and i think i’m getting it figured out. my answer?


i’m asking martha, my boss, to bring home a bag for me when we’re done in thailand, and i’ll just continue on with my stuff for the colder climate. i’m also packing a backpack and leaving my big suitcase at shona’s office in chiang mai while i run around the country for a week for work. i’ll be gone total for about three and a half weeks, with about a week in thailand, then on to mongolia (just ulaanbaatar), a day in moscow, belgrade, sarajevo, zagreb and finally home. this is my second trip that i’m literally going around the world. last year i did something similar but didn’t go to thailand.

i am a little nervous because this is the longest that i’ve ever travelled for work in one go…but that’s it for today. off tomorrow and hopefully more once i hit chiang mai on tuesday.


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