finally, chiang mai

i finally, finally made it!  actually i’m being kind of dramatic.  i had virtually no delays and it was an easy trip.  however, a 16 hour flight + 3 1/2 hour layover + 6 hour flight + night in hotel + 1 hour flight does not equal the most fun i’ve ever had. 

however, at first glance, i LOVE chiang mai.  first, though, about bangkok’s new airport.  last night when i got in i kept trying to figure out what the inside structure was reminding me of and decided that the large amount of concrete used was just making me think something rather soviet-y.  however, this morning as i was sitting in the waiting area to board my plane to chiang mai, i realized that the low ceiling above the lower walkway is basically a highway over the walkway!  The “highway” of course is another walkway, but the way that the trusses made of concrete are put together and the whole make of it, it’s really really cool.  i forgot to take a picture of course.  also, a word of warning….if you’re planning to stay at an airport hotel in bangkok, make sure your hotel is at the new airport.  it’s far away from the old one and hotels by the old airport (now non=functioning) are still passing them selves off as airport hotels.  crappy.

chiang mai now.  motorbikes EVERYWHERE.  i love it.  except that i kind of don’t.  it’s really cool to see people zooming around on them, but then you look closely and, hey, those people aren’t wearing helmets, and WAIT A MINUTE, there’s a BABY with NO helmet being held between her dad and her mom on the MOTORBIKE ON THE HIGHWAY.  i am pretty sure that i’m the only person that was seeing this and having a problem.  that is pretty scary, i have to say.  i rode on a bike today with a helmet in town and honesty felt safe.  however, those little kids with no helmet…it’s so scary to me. 

thomas (my wonderful and ever-lovely contact and guide here) and i went up the mountain to the Wat Prathat Doi Suthep, which was crawling with tourists and really really cool.  i got a fortune there, which i am quite happy with and reassures me that my soul must be in good form.  along the way up we stopped at a beautiful waterfall that had families picnicking all around it. 

more tomorrow.


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