getting a SIM card

i decided last night that i had to get a thai sim card for my phone, as the US-number prices are just obscene.  so this morning i had some breakfast (kind of…coffee and toast…) and set off to find it.  the only downside to me staying not in the city center (besides my fear of finding my way back when i go downtown by myself) is that since it’s not a tourist area, not many people speak english, which makes it hard to ask for a sim card.  however, after about 1/2 hour of wandering around, i came back to the guesthouse and somebody directed me to the convenience shop across the street.  the woman there spoke enough english that we figured out what i wanted and she even helped me install the card and put money on it!  she’s totally my angel of the day. 

so now i have a local number for the duration, and heavens knows what i’ll do with the card when i’m done, but teh SIM card itself was free so i guess who cares.  i’ll either give it away or keep it for when i eventually make my way back here.

the plan for today is to visit the school for burmese students and visit a migrant workers NGO later in the afternoon.  this evening i think we’re up to have a nice dinner on the mountain (see last entry for the wot on the mountain, quite nearby) and whatever else goes along.  i think i’m also going to try to hit the night market tonight as it’s my last night in CM.  that makes me sad that i have such little time.  on one hand, it’s the nature of the beast when traveling for work.  on the other, this is such a charming cool place i’d love to spend TONS more time here.  you can even take cooking classes!  i would LOVE to take thai cooking classes.

oh, did i mention that the food is divine?  and i had an amazing mango shake yesterday with lunch – perfectly ripe. yum. 

it did get really cold last night though – i was surprised that i was freezing even with a light long-sleeved shirt on and a light scarf.  tonight it’s a jacket for me. 

i’m excited to meet the students today, i haven’t really had a chance to meet students that we work with (burmese) outside of the US.


One Response to “getting a SIM card”

  1. New York is colder!

    Chiang Mai is so charming that I wouldn’t blame you if you ditched your return ticket and indulged in a life of mango shakes and Tom Yum soup.

    The lunch room is lonelier without ya. Enjoy your travels!

    From 59th St,

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