ub and beyond

i think that global warming has hit mongolia.  it’s not really that cold here.  cold being a relative term of course.  but much warmer than when i was here last year.

the rest of my time in mae sot and chiang mai was just a huge amazing journey.  i had the opportunity to meet some incredible people doing hugely brave work on the burma-thai border.  i had a fantastic final day in chiang mai and thought i was going to miss my plane when my ride to the airport accidentally locked his keys in the house. 🙂  Of course i was just stressing like i always do though…i got to the gate AT LEAST 2 minutes before they started boarding, which is early for me. 

 for the record may i state that transferring in bangkok is friggin confusing?

so UB is good.  lots of smoke and smog.  good people.  i’m loving seeing the alumni and my favorite consultant of all time, george (see earlier 5 things entry for him).  i start to wonder if i’m working enough when i love my job as much as i do. 


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