moscow is cold (if you were not earlier aware)

in  moscow freezing my butt off.  had the bright idea that since i’m here an afternoon and night that means i should go run around touristy stuff in red square.   so first we wander around (cold), finally find red square (still cold), tour a church (effin’ freezing) and finally make our way to the state history museum where we warm up, but where i am hoping for some great propoganda, instead we’re guided through the history of this region, starting with neanderthals.  holy cow, not what i paid 150 roubles for.  was a good time though 🙂

last night i was initiated into the world of Rocky. As in I, II, III, IV, V and Balboa.  But I just watched 10 minutes of IV where he beats the russian (in honor of me coming to moscow today) and i have to say i’m never watching the other movies.  although sly’s acting simply cannot be denied, his obvious passion and excellent acting skills on the screen are just too much for me.  that 10 minute scene will last me forever.  thanks george 🙂  bill and ted’s excellent adventures, however, i am watching again as soon as i get home particularly for the nabbing genghis khan (chinngis khaan) scene.  i could not stop laughing today as i thought of several points: 

1.  the idea of being stuck in traffic so bad that six cars are all pointed at your car, from different directions. (george)

2.  having an elementary teacher that makes you call him “master chief” (story by george)

3.  going into teaching for the express purpose of messing with students minds

obviously since everything that makes me laugh has to do with one person, I need to hang out with more people.

time for dinner and bed.


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