back home, ha ha.

this is a horrible quote taken from my brother. i have no idea where he got it but he went through a phase (this is evan, not eric i’m talking about) a few years ago when every sentence ended in “ha ha!” in kind of a sing-songy way. there’s no way to properly describe it, you’ll just have to take my word for it.

i’m back home – got home yesterday around 13:00 and home around 14:15 which is pretty good. then ola explained that there was a portugal-brazil friendly match on (at everybody’s favorite blatantly-owned-by-rich-company stadium, emirates – not to say it’s any worse than any other, just a continuation of that awful trend). so brazil lost to portugal 2-0 in a not-particularly well played match but whatever. then, here comes the exciting part, i went to my first spanish class of the semester! yes, i’m taking accelerated spanish I & II at nyu in a most likely vain hope to gain proficiency in some language other than english. more on that as the semester progresses i think.

now i have the day off (thank god) so it’s filled with checking email and doing laundry. fun stuff.


One Response to “back home, ha ha.”

  1. hey, seen any interesting OSI or other job posts for me? I’m starting to look…

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