back at work and headaches

actually being in the office is overrated.  i’m back and mostly overwhelmed at the amount of mail sitting on my desk.  while i was gone, my students efficiently sent me most of the reports due at the end of january, which means i have to go through them all now.  headache.  also i have a regular headache, which i think is being caused by me being dehydrated.  ouch. 

ola came and took me out for lunch today which was awesome.  my therapy for being back in the US seems to be thai food.  twice in three days and no sign of stopping.  i’m okay with this. 

new york is cold.  this sucks.  not that i’m actually a fan of global warming, but cold weather sucks.  this is influencing my possible decision to move someplace warmer, but still on a high elevation for when greenland and the ice caps melt.  i’m planning ahead.  oh yes.

i put my trip pictures online, so they can be viewed at the right.  if you click on a picture it’ll take you to the main page where all like…113 of them are. 


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