the ultimate flooring

i’m in love.  with dirt flooring.  it’s not for everybody, it’s not perfect, and i don’t care.  it’s awesome.  check it out in the Times  today…greatest points include:

1.  people really do have to take off shoes, especially heels

2.  no carpeting, sweet.

3.  it’s pretty.

4.  it’s eco-friendly in many ways.

5.  it’s pretty.


2 Responses to “the ultimate flooring”

  1. Oh yes, wordpress RULES. Way way way better than blogger. I am really glad I switched. Only I can’t figure out how to embed my java script countdown to nursing school. Oh well. Hope you’re well!

  2. the author of that NYTimes piece was one of my housemates for about 5 months in DC. weird, right?
    by the way, I love you too. Flanny says “find Hanah a job in New York!” oh and she also says Hi or would if she weren’t asleep on my floor at the moment. hehe.

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