yo ♥ good friends

just finished up with a great visit from our good friend sharran. that’s the worst thing about living here in new york – almost ALL of those tried and true friends, you know the ones that you can ALWAYS call and when shit hits the fan you ask over to drink or talk or all of the above…all of ours live in los angeles, or nashville, or durham, or minneapolis/st. paul, or madison, or washington dc, or london or the dominican republic, but what city is missing from that list? oh yeah. the one we live in. don’t get me wrong – we’ve made great friends here, but there are those people that just stay in your life (even if not physically present). we are lucky and unlucky enough to have a set of super-confident and adventurous friends that are off conquering (or at least exploring) the world and unafraid to venture far from home. which of course means far from us too. i’m really happy for them – we didn’t exactly stay home either! that doesn’t mean i don’t miss them though. love you guys 🙂

20 feb.

so, as is obvious from the comments, i actually did forget two really important locales!  caroline and josh live in colorado, where josh does something technical (caroline help!?) and caroline works for google and will soon begin her training to become a nurse.  in kansas city (missouri, not kansas), we have what ola and i consider to be…another set of parents?  our favorite grown-ups?  i’m not sure how exactly to characterize bob and liz in our lives, but they are mom and dad to caroline and joe, and they have been in ola’s live for going-on 10 years, and mine for 6.  they are amazing 🙂  sorry guys….you deserve public praise for being so great. 


5 Responses to “yo ♥ good friends”

  1. You forgot about Colorado on that list!

    Funny you mentioned Sharran, I just found his blog via yours. I threatened him if he pretended to not remember me. 🙂

  2. Hey–and what about the Kan???

  3. WOW, that’s pretty nice public praise. Someday I’ll have to return that favor. 🙂

  4. Thank you, Manda. I’m touched by your kind words, even if I did put the pressure on. 🙂

  5. pressure shmeshure. i’m happy to tell anybody that actually reads this thing how great you guys are! so far i know that means caroline has been told. 🙂 (not that she needed reminding i think)

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