Live Earth concerts announced

continuing to kick ass as an advocate for our humble home, al gore and company are putting together a fun promotion (in the form of concerts, what else?) on 7/7/07.  concerts are to happen in 7 places on 7 continents.  um, antarctica anyone? 

flippin sweet.  although everybody knows that holding a concert doesn’t exactly solve the problem, it’s an extraordinarily high-profile way to bring it to people’s attention.  also really expensive, and that money could also go towards…but i don’t want to go down that route right now…i’m just happy they’re doing the concert. 


2 Responses to “Live Earth concerts announced”

  1. Ok, I admit it. I hated his movie. What was the big fuss over a damn power point presentation? The info was good but the method? Bleh. Zzzzzz. I hope his tour is better.

  2. Like or hate the movie (I’m the former) it continued to get the message out. That’s its main virtue, don’t you think? You have to make believers of people and I think maybe we’re finally to the point that there will be more Americans getting on board the SAVE THE EARTH train.

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