looking for grad school.

i’m in a place i haven’t been in for a long time.  i’m grad-school searching.  ola finishes with his residency in summer 2008, and we’re planning to leave new york in search of some grass, space, a kickass fellowship program for him, and a rock-star grad school program for me.  so far we’ve ruled out the deep south, most of the midwest, hell, most of the country.  still under consideration is a fairly lengthy list of cities though…our criteria is pretty strict.  since ola has multiple departments that he wants to work with, we can’t just go to any teaching hospital.  moreover, i want to do a joint degree (JD/MA) and that is not offered everywhere.  plus, i don’t want just any MA, but an IR MA, maybe with a focus on development studies, which let me tell you is not offered everywhere.  add in that we both want to attend good programs and have jobs when we’re done, the list is further narrowed. 

by the way, we’re accepting donations for moving expenses. 🙂

so.  if you live in a place with a great teaching hospital with good pediatrics departments as well as a city with a good law school and IR department, let me know!  i can use any inside info i can get.

by the way, denver is still in the running, kansas city is not, but st. louis is also still on the list…

there’s a lot more pressure with grad school than i felt in undergrad to figure out what to do.  i feel like grad school ends up dictating what you do more than undergraduate and i’m terrified of limiting my options.  i’m not a decider.  i like to know i can change course.  that doesn’t mean i’m going to…it just means i want to be able to think to myself, “if i wanted to i could do something else”.   wimpy?  yes.  normal?  i think so. 


4 Responses to “looking for grad school.”

  1. Not a decider? Our president would be ashamed…is that something you want on your conscience? 🙂

    Denver could be a great option for you, I think. A couple of great school, a couple of great hospitals. I hope you’ll come for a visit. We can check everything out together.

  2. Sorry to hear the Kan is out of the running, but if you’d land in Denver or St. Louis that would work pretty well too for Labor Day get-togethers. What about Madison? Any possibilities there?

  3. sadly, madison just isn’t an option – they don’t have the programs that ola needs…we did look into it though.

  4. hahahahaha. guess what I’m going to say? Yes, Syracuse, New York has both a renowed hospital for the treatment of children (SUNY UPstate Medical Center or whatever they’re calling it now) AND a JD/MA International Relations or Studies or whatnot (Syracuse University, Maxwell School).

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