organic chicken versus chemical chicken

yesterday i was working with a guy in my office on a project, and we got to talking. he’s an environmentalist and an all-around interesting guy – fun to talk to. we start talking about organic food products. i observed that in many parts of the world, organic food is all people eat because small farms are still used and not the large corporate producers that use so many chemicals, steroids and other hormones and antibiotics that we find in our fruit, vegetable and meat products here in the US on a regular basis. dan observed that he thinks that the use of the word organic is kind of ridiculous. it makes him think back to university days chemistry class – organic is carbon-based and non-organic (inorganic) is not carbon-based. it’s a fascinating use for the term. i’ve done some minimal hunting for the origin of the usage in this way but so far have not come up with anything.

anyway, this led us to conclude that it really is kind of ridiculous to “specially label” something that is in a more “natural” (largely unaltered by human genetic, hormonal or chemical intervention) state than something that has been deliberately modified or treated. therefore, we should drop organic as a term and simply call all food that is treated “chemical” i like the sound of it. i think that it would do wonders for the “organic” market.


5 Responses to “organic chicken versus chemical chicken”

  1. What is the difference between “organic” and “all natural?” It seems everything is one or the other these days, which makes me think there’s something fishy going on.

  2. organic needs some kind of certification by a government body i think, whereas “natural” needs no proof/certification. same is true with other products – natural is often a misleading term.

  3. organic just means that food is grown in soil with no chemical fertilizers or sprays. aminals for consumpsion(chicken-beef) etc are feed only organic grown grain-hay-grass whatever they normally eat that pretty well sums it up i grow my own organic veggies and fruit and sell them in the summer

  4. i was wondering if anyone in the province of manitoba would be interested in bottle shops where people bring in pop cans-liquor bottles-cans-drink boxes etc and get cash for them they have this in bc-alberta-sask –our province thinks they are doing just fine with their recycling boxes —look at our streets–are n’t the containers still laying around all over the place with a bottle shop the stuff would be taken in and then you would receive cash for whatever you brought in — so what do you think?? good idea or bad

  5. mermaid mom Says:

    “All natural” sounds nice but really, sometimes I think you get stuff like all natural polysorbate 60, or all natural xanthan gum, whatever that means. Bob and I are kind of intrigued by the organic label–maybe a function of our age?? Perhaps old people start looking for anything that might possibly provide a few extra years, or months, or weeks, of good health. Anyway, we buy organic from time to time. We like the idea of it, though the cost is kind of a deterrent. What I mostly like is stuff like Cage Free Happy Hen Eggs, or Shatto Milk, coming from cows who live less than an hour from our house. I am a sucker for brands that seem to have some respect for the animals who are donating their services, or their lives.

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