i love amy grant

i was just in CVS and “i will remember you” with amy grant came on.  throwback to 5th grade.  i love it.


4 Responses to “i love amy grant”

  1. Ooh, me too. She has an AWESOME Christmas album that I still love. I’d like to get it on a CD since I only have it on a tape…eh…

  2. I have recently bought 2 Amy Grant albums that have a lot of old hymns on them. They are really good arrangements except that she throws in a few originals that I don’t like as well–they sound kind of like something that would be sung at a contemporary church service–not my thing at all. But all in all I would say the Amy CDs are a couple of my favorites CDs. Along with Tony Bennett Duets, a couple of Harry Connicks, and the Dixie Chicks album from last summer, and the soundtrack from South Pacific.

  3. P.S. If I told you my favorites next week, they would probably be a lot different. I go in waves.

  4. when i was in the 6th grade i think, i went to an amy grant concert in ames. it was my first big concert i think. i loved it. i have to say that her christmas music is the only stuff i ever listen to anymore. ‘line, i think i can burn you her christmas album – my mom has it.

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