i am frustrated.

maybe this is indicative of me living in my little bubble of manhattan, getting my news from the times and the post and bbc and not watching television…but do people around the country care about what’s going on with the bush administration?  i know that people do, but there are crimes and scandals going on that are on par with nixon and worse. 

this firing of federal prosecutors seems to have been the last straw for me.  don’t get me wrong, i’ve never wanted bush in office, i didn’t want this war.  i can’t stand their policies.  i feel that they are running this country more like a dictatorship than a democracy (or republic or anything that is not some kind of autocratic regime).  i am so incredibly angry. 

this administration does what they want systematically, apologizing later to congress or the american people, but they STILL GET EXACTLY WHAT THEY WANT.  they fire prosecutors and it looks like gonzales is going down for it but i’m sure the new hires will stay and that won’t be reversed – their ultimate goal of getting rid of prosecutors that (god forbid) go after republicans for doing scummy things has been achieved, no matter who gets fired. 

scooter libby being indicted, prosecuted, and convicted is not a victory.  it has conveniently drawn attention away from dick cheney, his OTHER minions, and their poker game of drawing the u.s. into the iraq war based on lies and deceit.  the administration was hoping, by ousting plame as cia, that this would hurt wilson’s credibility as an inspector (because the cia had been critical of the regime administration in their desire to invade iraq) and thereby discredit other opponents of their plot.  of course it backfired, but…the person at the top who is generally agreed to have orchestrated the whole thing – tricky dick cheney – has come through unscathed.  it’s not enough that he’s a generally accepted slimeball and criminal…he should be prosecuted for everything that he has done.  this is just one example of somebody else (in this case libby) taking the fall (although libby wasn’t innocent) for something where the ultimate responsibility lies with cheney.  libby goes to jail (until bush pardons him), cheney stays veep, and all is apparently right in the white house.

 i realize that i’m ranting and am mostly writing in stream-of-consciousness…i’m not writing this as an argumentative essay meant to hold water through arguments.  i’m blowing off steam because i’m pissed off.

it has been suggested that i’d feel better if i stopped reading the paper so much, and if i avoided publications like the atlantic, the nation, and the bbc.  probably not true though.  i guess i’m done for now.  i’m just so incredibly tired of these bastards.  i just hope that when november 2008 rolls around, more rational choices are made at the polls than in 2004.


2 Responses to “i am frustrated.”

  1. So funny that you wrote this today. As I was driving to work this morning, I commented to Josh about the absolutely astounding number of scandels that have come from the administration. I sat there and wondered how people sleep at night, knowing they are being so foul and unethical and absolutely lacking of any decency or integrity. I am totally with you. It’s sick.

  2. I hope it’s some comfort to you to know that Bob and I wring our hands and rant every day about the many ways that the current administration has harmed our country. We are most anxious to put Bush’s 8 years behind us and move on to something/someone more constructive and more articulate. Please, more articulate. We want a really smart and well sp0ken person representing us in the future. Someone like President Bartlett (do I have that name right?) on the West Wing. Yes, God bless President Bartlett.

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