new gym and travel!!!

i joined a new gym this week.  i have mixed feelings about the whole thing, because i left the ymca on the upper west side.  i LOVE the ymca.  it has great atmosphere, nice people, a gorgeous pool (it’s the pool used in the royal tennenbaums).  there are all kinds of normal people there – kids, old people, everybody.  why leave, then, right?  well the ymca is friggin’ expensive in manhattan, and this new gym is less than 1/2 the cost.  it’s fine.  no towel service, no awesome pool, but it’s a nice facility and there’s an outdoor patio.  and it’s right next to my office.  i can live with it 🙂

this weekend ola and i are heading up to syracuse to celebrate a visit home by my darling friend hanah.  she’s home for a couple of weeks from london and plus her parents are totally fabulous.  they are, frankly, the best.  so we get to do passover up there, and generally relax, play soccer (okay, that link actually takes you to the profile of one of the best looking soccer players around, a Swede named Fredrik Ljungberg – he’s also an underwear model – here’s a real soccer link), eat yummy food, drink, eat more yummy food, and hang out with friends. 

so the fredrik link was for ola, who reads my posts and pretends to be all irritable that i think that ljungberg is great, i also think another fabulous swede is….fabulous.  henrik lundqvist is a goalie for the new york rangers.  he’s awesome.  hm.  this post is not going the direction that i originally planned.  i was going to talk about going to up syracuse but mostly i’m writing things to irritate my husband 🙂 that’s good too though!  i should also note that he’s not actually going to be irritated at all, but may pretend to be just for fun.

i’m a dork, i know.


3 Responses to “new gym and travel!!!”

  1. Gyms can be so damn expensive. I finally found one that is $20 a month but it’s very bare bones; no pool, no classes, no locker rooms. Just a bunch of weight equiptment and a few drinking fountains. I have found it to be all I need though, at least for $20. I have a punch card to our rec center for when I get the nerve up to go swimming, and when I start school I think I can get a good deal at the CU rec center, too. Here’s to getting fit! Bleh!

  2. We pay $75 a month at the Y for the family membership which includes 2 pools (of course the outdoor one won’t be open for a couple of months yet), the gym, the machines, and classes. I use the weight machines twice a week, as well as the sauna and hot tub. In the winter I also used the cardio machines although I really hated them. In the summer I use the outdoor pool maybe once a week or so. I have taken a class or two here and there but mostly I do my own thing. The membership gives us access to all the Ys in the city but I never go to any others. So I’m not sure we get our money’s worth, but Bob is taking his name off as of today because he doesn’t use the Y much at all, and not at all in the summer. That will put us down to $50 a month. I could probably do better but I like the a.) location and b.) atmosphere. There are all kinds of people there from frumpy middle agers such as myself to true geezers to the gorilla weight lifters to kids there for swim lessons. That’s what I appreciate. Everyone fits in. I don’t think I’d feel comfortable at a lot of gyms. But staying in shape is definitely a priority so I guess money paid to the Y is worth it.

  3. liz,
    i totally understand and agree with your reasons for loving the y. those are many of the same reasons i loved the y so much too! i really struggled with whether i wanted to leave, but money is enough of an issue right now that i felt it was warranted. oh well. maybe i can join again someday.

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