happy upstate

i’m in syracuse and i’m happy.  i am with great friends.  it’s hanah’s parents, me and ola, and like 8 other friends from all over the northeast descending on their home for the weekend for fun, cooking, learning about how to kosher a kitchen for passover, and eating more than is good for us.  basically perfect. 🙂  we took a hike today outside of town and it was amazing.  i’ll try to get some pictures up eventually. 

i should also note that on thursday my “baby” brother evan turned 16 (gasp).  he’s a sophomore in high school, and despite some early worries by me and my siblings, he’s turned into quite the decent human being 🙂  he’s actually turning out to be just lovely and i’m very happy.  it’s really cool to remember when your little brother was born, watch him grow up and then…he’s 16 already.  kind of crazy. 


3 Responses to “happy upstate”

  1. Ah, just wait until you have a CHILD who turns 16, or 21, or 24, or 28 and who then produces a grandchild who you also get to watch turn 16 someday…it was all pretty unimaginable back when I was your age, and now look at me… 🙂

  2. Josh is SO protective of his little sister. Lucky he’s 1600 miles away from her or I’m sure she’d have to wear a burka.

  3. that’s really cute 🙂 i think i remember meeting her from the wedding. she’s adorable.

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