updating my life

 i haven’t written much since i was up in syracuse over a week ago.  i’m unsure whether this is because i’m getting bored with doing this (possible), i have been busy (yes), i’m lazy (yes) or because my life is boring (yes). 

to back up a little bit, the rest of the syracuse weekend was heaven.  i learned all about kashering a kitchen for passover, which was a LEARNING experience.  i even had to ask whether i could fill particular cups of water on which side of the sink?  we went hiking, went on adventures around town, met lots of great people (mostly smithie friends of hanahs) and got to hang out with hanah’s family, which in itself is a treat.  hanah has the most lovely parents, and her brother is a really nice guy too.  hanah has this theory that boopsie and sam (her bro) are destined to get married.  i’m not sure about THAT, but they would make a cute couple 🙂 

 so since then, ola and i have been really off-schedule with each other.  he’s been working evenings/nights in the ER a lot and i’ve been working my usual 9-5, which kinda sucks.  i don’t really like this whole “not-seeing-him” thing at all.  but at the end of the month he’s off ER until late june, so that makes me happy. 

i also realize that much of my problem with writing this thing is that i don’t like to keep a journal of “i did this, i did that….”, i don’t usually have time to rant about all of my political irks, and i don’t really want to share with whoever reads this my personal feelings or family goings-on too much.  there’s some things i can share, like for instance, my mom getting married, but why the hell would i put general information out there about it?  i think that i’m just not so much cut out for a lot of this.

however in other news, spiderman III is coming out soon, which i’m excited about 🙂  also, i’ve been invited to a happy hour for iowans in New York City 🙂  so if you’re an iowan in new york, shout out and i’ll give you the details.  should be a good time. 

 this weekend i’m excited that i’m going hiking with some girlfriends upstate near new paltz.  that’s it for now.


3 Responses to “updating my life”

  1. Blogging is tricky like that. I don’t really like to do a daily run-down of my life, either. That’s basically how my blog started. It was “today I did this.” Gradually it’s evolving into some actual thoughts, but it’s taken almost 300 posts! Mostly I just write about whatever strikes me at the moment. Sometimes it’s personal, sometimes it’s not, and sometimes it’s actually decent writing. But sometimes it’s not. It’s a weird process, definitely.

  2. I’m sort of intrigued by the blogosphere though I can’t imagine writing a blog. I read a few to check up on people I care about and from there I read a few that are linked to the ones of people I actually know. It feels a little like snooping but if it’s out there I guess that means someone wants even strangers to read it, right?

    By the way, did I mention I’m a granny??

  3. YOU ARE, LIZ! 🙂 I’m very excited for you – how amazing. i want pictures!!!!

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