we have our first official pic of the little one, attached here as our 1st Ultrasound!! Yaaay!


2 Responses to “pic”

  1. mermaid mom Says:

    Oh my GOSH!! It looks just like….you and Ola!!

    Ok, so I can’t really say that. But Joe was sure he saw a resemblance to Ann in their ultrasound and I told him it looked like an alien.

    Bottom line–this is so exciting!! I love it that all of my “kids” are starting to do the family thing now. They are the best years. Emotional and crazy-busy at times, but definitely the best. I can’t wait to see it all unfold for you guys!

    Thanks for letting me in on the password, by the way. When I first saw that I was thinking I should have received an email with a clue or something…anyway, I’ll be watching for further developments now as you make your way to momdom. It’s the ultimate experience! I can see that much more clearly now than when I was in the midst of it all.

    Congrats to you guys!


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