2nd pic

this is the 11 week ultrasound of Roo (yup, that’s the belly name!), our gorgeous little kiddo.  she (no, we don’t know, i just need to use a pronoun) is SO active!  on the ultrasound screen she was just spinning and twirling and moving about like nobody’s business!  ola took this as confirmation that she’s practicing her Ronaldinho moves (awesome soccer skills) and i can’t disagree.  we’re at 12 weeks now and due 6 december 🙂

the top shot is an up-close and you can see tons!  the bottom is further away.


4 Responses to “2nd pic”

  1. Roo is DEFINITELY a genius. If it wasn’t evident in the last pic, you can clearly see it in this one. Do you get extra ultrasounds because of Ola’s job? I mean, for christ’s sake, I am still waiting for Linnea’s…keep ’em coming!

  2. mermaid mommy Says:

    I was wondering that same thing–how do you rate the frequent photos?? Anyway, I agree with Caroline, Roo will be the second perfect child to be born in less than a year, the first of course being Linnea. 🙂

  3. i don’t know how we score such regular pics – just lucky with my doctor i guess!!! i’ll keep them coming. i don’t know if i’ll continue to have an ultrasound every trip, but i’ll post all that i get 🙂

  4. yay baby!

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