long time

it’s been a long time since i’ve written, and life has been crazy busy.  over memorial day weekend, ola’s sister got married, and ola and i got to host caroline for the weekend, which was fantastic, because we rarely get to see her!  we had an exciting trip down to Washington DC with Ola’s mom and dad, and then headed off to Minnesota for MY mom’s wedding.  It’s been crazy and busy, full of family, fun and very little sleep. 

i’m writing now because i’ve been unintentionally guilt-tripped by liz (i KNOW she didn’t mean to, but i felt bad anyway).  life is pretty good for us.  yes, we’re busy.  we’re looking at the next step in our lives, which will almost certainly take us out of new york city.  ola’s immersed in interviews for fellowships and i’m looking at grad schools in all of the non-New York cities that we’re considering.  it’s an exciting time.

in fact, this weekend, we’re going to seattle to visit and interview and see what’s up with all this west coast business.  🙂 

yesterday was my 26th birthday and it was fun.  ola took me out for lunch and i went to dinner with anne, risa and reBetcha which was just lovely.  girls nights out are great!  we had fabulous ethiopian food (one of my FAVORITE things to eat) and then got cupcakes. 

that’s it for now…more soon! (hopefully)


4 Responses to “long time”

  1. happy birthday! your last one without a kid to celebrate with you!

  2. hey love!

    So much going on! I am thinking of you tons as you are preggers. Keep us all posted on what is happening with the movings!

  3. mermaid mommy Says:

    Happy, happy birthday
    this is your birthday song!
    Happy happy birthday
    It isn’t very long

    I learned this from Caroline and now sing it to all of the kindergarten and first graders at my school. They feel very excited and honored, as you should! You have a wonderful year ahead of you–a life changing one for sure. Enjoy!

  4. mermaid mommy Says:

    Oh and by the way–no need to feel guilty about not posting! It’s just that I love to keep up with everyone and the blog is so convenient. 🙂 But I know how busy life can get and that sometimes those updates are hard to fit in.

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