ola and i went to seattle this weekend.  ola had an interview at the local hospital for his fellowship and we wanted to spend some time in the city to see if we’d be interested in living there.  about  5 pounds of crab, 1/2 pound of salmon, a red-eye and 3 days later, i can safely say that whether its next year or some distant time in the future, we’re going to live in seattle.  we loved it.  the water, hills and mountains, laid back atmosphere, ecologically-minded people, excellent university – except for that little rain thing, it’s practically perfect 🙂  so that’s ONE place that we know we like!


3 Responses to “seattle”

  1. mermaid mommy Says:

    My only experience in Seattle was a lot of rain in July and seeing Joe off for his short-lived stint in Nepal. So the memories aren’t real positive but we did enjoy a lot of things about the city and I’m sure you all would fit in there nicely! What are the odds of that being your next stop?

  2. Neat-o!!! That is awesome! I’ll have to come visit. I’ve never been but have always wanted to see the place.

  3. it could be our next stop, but honestly, i don’t think it’ll be the first choice – there is a place that is a better fit for both of us as far as our training is concerned, i think.

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