raccoons in manhattan

i’m sure i spelled that animal wrong. a little while ago ola and i were walking up the upper west side – we’d wandered out of the bramble in central park and ended up at the museum of natural history before heading home for the evening. on the north end of the museum is a planetarium surrounded by glass. it’s a model of the solar system, and i love it. it’s really cool. at the center is the sun, and, in proportion to the size of the sun (which is something like 4 stories tall), there are models of all of the planets that have been discovered that surround the sun. i wonder if they removed pluto after it got demoted…(i did a report on pluto when i was in elementary school and was mightily upset when it was stripped of its planetary status). anyway, it’s very pretty at night – it’s lit up a little bit and really neat. so ola and i went to sit on a bench nearby and chat, and when we got up to leave, we noticed in the fading light that a raccoon was climbing the tree next to us! in manhattan! amazing to me at least. then the raccoon proceeded to just chill in the crook of the lower branch of the tree and watch us and hang out. it was awesome.

then yesterday we were walking in fort tryon park and definitely smelled skunk – big time! i love that despite being totally overcrowded with people, concrete and buildings, animals find ways to continue to live here, and not JUST in the parks, but all over the place!


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