back to normal life

life is back to normal. in my building, things are quiet. there is “police – do not enter” tape across our neighbors door, but mostly because it doesn’t close properly because it was bashed in by the nypd. all the other neighbors seem fine (i’m guessing because i haven’t even SEEN most of them but that is totally normal). i’m sleeping fine and not freaked out. olaolu implored us to move to new jersey. sorry, lou, NO.

tomorrow i’m leaving for budapest for work for 2 weeks and i’m sad to leave ola. it’ll be fine. however, here in new york the past few days it’s been quite nice, whereas in budapest it’s friggin’ 101 farenheit. not funny at all. fortunately the conference center has a pool! yaaaay pool!

i also bought my first maternity clothes today. i have to admit i feel pretty hip in those pants. they look normal! i tried some on last week at Old Navy and was THAT a mistake. those things put 15 pounds on just by putting them on. these things fit like good normal clothing! huzzah! given the level of comfort, i now wonder why ALL clothing does not have a waist like maternity clothes. it totally rocks and is ultra-comfy.

in other news, i’m kind of disturbed that apparently me and the hoff are incredibly compatible (see below entry). not sure i like what this says about me.


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