got my boxes!

last night i finally got the boxes from the devil company, DHL.  and only 5 days late.  Dora from CEU and I drove to find the place.  I thought the office closed at 6 PM, so we left just after 5.  we got a little lost, and then we were looking for #99 on this unpronouncable Hungarian road.  we look and look and look…and nothing.  finally she calls DHL, and it turns out there are 2 #99’s on this road!  so we drive further and finally find the office, which closes at 7, thank god, because we got there at about 5:58.  the boxes showed up a couple of minutes after us and the lovely man who brought them helped us load them into Dora’s car.  i jokingly asked Dora if she thought that the DHL guy would think it was weird if i hugged him.  she looked at me strangely and told me, yes, she thought it would be weird.  🙂  on the way back to Kerepesi, we took a different route, taking us through scenic industrial sections of Budapest, past the prison and a large cemetary, lots of places that we can have headstones made, and then, to top it all, on our way back, we got passed by not 1 , but 2 DHL semi-trucks.  oh, i was upset, and had to take a picture 🙂

let me take a moment to emphasize that i am not crazy (i think) but that NOT having 2 boxes that you absolutely must have for an international conference because they are stuck in customs and nobody is cooperating with you to help GET your boxes is traumatic and stressful.  so there.  caroline, i use DHL all the time, and usually, i love them.  but now i hate them.  or maybe i hate  hungarian customs or hungarian DHL.  not sure yet.  for now though, i’m off to find some therapeutic chocolate, ice cream, or both.


One Response to “got my boxes!”

  1. you will like them again when you’re not pregnant. i swear it’s the hormones. 🙂

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