last night i apparently took my wallet out of my purse for some reason.  i’m sure it was a great reason, but this morning i forgot, and so i’m stuck the entire day with no cash, no ID, and no plastic.  actually it’s not a big deal, since i don’t drive, don’t have any shopping/social evening plans, and had my metrocard in a different part of my purse…but seriously, who forgets their WALLET?

this is on top of…last night i was making macaroni and cheese (Annie’s) and i went to pour milk for the goopy bits.  this consisted of me opening the fridge, pulling out the milk, pouring milk, and then looking for the lid.  we have a really small kitchen so the entire maneuver only required a small twist of the torso, no actual movement.  but the milk lid was gone.  i looked for it for several minutes, finally decided i was losing my mind and called ola in to help me find it.  we looked all over, but never found the cap.  all we can figure is that maybe with my brothers around the house, maybe somebody forgot to replace the cap earlier and it was thrown away?  then, when i pulled out the milk, it’s hardly a conscious thought action, is it???  so i didn’t register that there was no lid until i couldn’t find it to replace it. 

 anyway, all of these little things – milk caps, wallet, flash drive…they’re starting to add up.  i’m officially becoming a total airhead.


2 Responses to “forgetful”

  1. haha, welcome to the wonderful world of pregnancy! 🙂

  2. mermaid mommy Says:

    I was once told that you lose about 25 IQ points per pregnancy. You are now on your way to being like the rest of us. 🙂

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