liiiiittle more sunshine

today is a better day 🙂  i’m pretty confident that things are looking up for at LEAST the rest of the week, if not longer.  i’ve never been much of a forecaster, so it’s hard to say too far out in any case.

this past weekend ola and i went with sarah up to her mom’s house on plum island, in northeastern mass.  it was a great weekend.  the water is too cold (for me at least) to swim in, but we got beach time, total relaxation in a tiny new england village, lots of reading and hanging out, and generally just chilling out.  i can’t stress enough what a difference it makes to get out of the city into a totally new environment for the weekend.  it makes the weekend seem MUCH longer, i come back home and back to work more refreshed…the change of environment is just huge.  and it’s not the same as just visiting friends or family.  i’m finally really understanding the strong allure of a summer home and/or beach home, and why people feel it’s worth the time, money and hassle to do it.  of course, i’d LOVE it if we were a teensy bit more like europe, and could just take off for an entire month and rent a flat or house by the ocean for that time.  alas, we have to deal with super-sucky american vacation time.  i get much more than most people do (trust me) but still mine is only fairly on-par with the amount of time off Western europeans receive.

it WAS a good weekend though 🙂  i’m a big fan of reading, sunshine, and generally being a bum.


One Response to “liiiiittle more sunshine”

  1. NICE! and you’ll have a few more days of that in the Kan, too. well, ,maybe not RELAXING…

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