more baby pics!

okay, these are about 4 weeks old, but he’s SO CUTE 🙂
Roo 20 weeks #1

Roo 20 weeks #2

Roo 20 weeks #3

Roo 20 weeks #4


7 Responses to “more baby pics!”

  1. Big head! That kid must have a big BRAIN too…

  2. I’m with Caroline… really big head… But i’m pretty sure it’s a good one between those shoulders.

  3. Besides being brainy, I think this boy will be pretty good at making headers in soccer practice. Ola, buy a soccer ball! Wait, don’t you have 2 already ?!

  4. Actually, Hoa, we have 3 full-sized and one kid-sized ball. Manda won’t let me buy more. In fact, we got RID of one recently, which brought us down to 4!

  5. his head is jussst right…. amazing pictures, man but um where are the shoulders that ‘the other guy’ was talking bout?

  6. mermaid mommy Says:

    Sorry to say this, but I think these shots make babies look like aliens. But hey–even alien babies can be smart and fabulous at soccer, right??

  7. yes they can 🙂 and as his momma, i don’t think he looks like an alien at all. look at that adorable round little head 🙂

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