patraeus as the fall guy

don froomkin in the washington post today writes an article about the interesting and unsurprising fact that, despite the advertisement that general patraeus will be presenting a report on progress (or lack of) in iraq by the US military, the report will actually be written by the white house, and i guess patraeus is just expected to go along and parrot whatever the administration tells him…wait, do i hear whispers of colin powell in the background?  nah, couldn’t have been….

the article is here:  Whose Report Is It, Anyway?


2 Responses to “patraeus as the fall guy”

  1. I believe the white house has been storing Mr. Powell’s nuts in a lovely glass jar in the basement. So no…I’m sure it wasn’t him you heard.

  2. mermaid mommy Says:

    Did any of us actually expect that the Patreus report would be anything but propaganda from the administration? Not I…and therefore I anticipate hearing the good news that things are going really, really fabulously well over there in Iraq.

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