best/worst headline EVER.

you know people are getting fed up with an administration when the NYT has a headline like THIS:  White House Acts to Limit Health Plan for Children

Essentially, this proclaims that the bush administration doesn’t want children to be guaranteed health coverage by the federal government.  oh wait, they don’t.  because obviously all the children that DESERVE to be covered ARE covered because their parents have the money for insurance.  you know, because they’re good people.

such a load of crap.  however, the headline is gutsy and despite that i hate what it has to say, i love the way it says it.


2 Responses to “best/worst headline EVER.”

  1. IMHO headlines are not where you’re supposed to be making your opinion known…

  2. The headline is factual, without being opinionated. The decision to white-wash it a little (‘White House says “changes needed” to children’s health plan’, for instance) is where the opinion comes in…

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