holiday in florida

ola and i got back about a week ago from a 10-day holiday in florida. that was possibly the best overall vacation i’ve ever taken, and only the second real holiday we’ve had together! most of our vacations are spent with family. although we love our families, we do miss the chance to get away together and just spend time with each other. and this was our last chance to be really just the two of us for quite a while! 🙂

the first half of vacation, we spent a lot of time around the house – we were staying in my aunt julie and uncle greg’s condo in bonita springs, so the free digs didn’t hurt our enjoyment at ALL! there’s a pool and they are a mile from the gulf. during the second half we spent more time exploring the everglades, actively going to the beach, and i got RIDICULOUSLY tan. thanks to my naturally pale-force-like complexion, i’m already fading back to normal, but for a few days i thought i was freakishly tan. and this is with heavy use of SPF 45 sunscreen…i may have been the tannest i’ve ever been in my entire life.

there’s tons of photographs on flickr, and you can tell from them that we spent most of our time outdoors on the beach, in swamps, on the water, and walking around in the everglades. a particular highlight was our trek on one of the last days there through a panther preserve (i had no idea there were panthers in florida before this trip!). the best/most exciting part (you could phrase it that way) about this nice little trek was that there is this huge fence around the preserve, and the preserve is VERY big, and there’s this kind-of trail that you walk on through the preserve. the trail seems to have been created by occasional off-road vehicles driving through, and apparently somebody cutting the grass a couple of times each year. however the MOST fun part is that if you’re lucky enough to see a cat, there’s no fence between you and them…and there’s no rangers on site, and we were definitely the only people there while we were walking. it got a little creepy at times, actually. although we saw no cats, we did see this print

cat paw

right on a muddy part of the path. so there was a young cat somewhere in the area!

the best part about this trip was that we got to hang out together for a long time, old-people watch, and we had NO internet. zilch. i did not check work email, personal email, update my blog, check the weather, and our only news was from CNN on television. which WAS a bit of a downside as events were going on in Burma that we would have liked to follow more closely. However, I didn’t think of home or work for days at a time. It was amazing. I’m planning to have more trips like that soon.

Here’s a few more pics of us from the trip, so you don’t have to go to flickr to see them 🙂

baby alligator we saw this little alligator on a boardwalk in the cypress preserve

darling preserve this is us at the Darling preserve on Sanibel Island, an awesome place with very cool jumping fish.

shark valley this is at shark valley, which is a kind of “river of grass” between miami and naples. it’s part of everglades, and a very unique eco-system.

golf swing we mini-golfed, OF COURSE, and here ola shows off his famous slice, which i believe he nearly killed joe dever with a few years ago when we were all at caroline & josh’s wedding 🙂

sunset and finally, a gorgeous sunset on the gulf 🙂


2 Responses to “holiday in florida”

  1. OMG…the slice! Awesome!!! 🙂

    You two look very happy….I’m sure it was AWESOME to get away and be “alone” for a few days…kiss that goodbye for the next 18 years. 🙂

  2. It’s good to see years of med school haven’t changed Ola a bit. 🙂 Cannot wait for the new little one! 🙂

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