sisterly visits

my sister and her best friend came to visit this past weekend, just a little break from school to hang in the city with us. it was awesome. i can tell you, the crappy thing about living far away from your family is that you’re far away from your family. vacations too often have to be dedicated to seeing family, and not going on vacation, because you don’t see them otherwise. those lovely afternoon and weekend visits are virtually impossible! although i don’t wish to move back to minnesota, or even the midwest, at all, i would really love to be able to go see my siblings for an afternoon or a weekend without us having to make a big trip of it. this year we’ve been really lucky on my side. my dad and his wife came to visit in january, my mom and her fiancee came out in March, my brothers showed up in August, and now allison came out in october. we also got to see ola’s parents this summer for his sister’s wedding. all around, we saw most, but not all of our immediate family.

so while allison and tanya were here, luckily, we mostly just hung out. and ate a TON of food. yum. we went out for dim sum, indian and some nouveau amercan. i dragged them to babies’r’us so that we could look at crib mattresses, we window-shopped around union square and i introduced them to the fabulous coffee, amazing chocolate chip cookies, and yummy hot chocolate of the city bakery. but best of all, we sat around and joked, chatted, made fun of each other, and just WERE, which is the best way to spend time with family that you enjoy the company of, in my opinion. there was much fuss made over my ever-expanding stomach, which does continue to expand (holy cow i am going to be grouchy by thanksgiving!!!!) and allison got a chance to have her first chat with her nephew, which was incredibly cute. still being not-born, his side of the conversation was reduced to emphatically kicking his mother (me) but whatever.

and, just in case you’re not avidly following my pregnancy progress as much as i am (and it’s good if you’re not following as closely as i am), i am torn between feeling like he’ll never be born (due in 8 weeks) and then, when i consider that we own virtually NOTHING that we need, from diapers to a crib to a rocker to…well, all the other stuff on our list, i feel like he’s going to arrive TOMORROW and we are going to be in BIG TROUBLE, BUDDY because the baby will have to sleep in a bureau drawer because there is no crib. 🙂 the thing most on my mind is how busy we’re going to be up until the time he’s born. yes, we have 8 weeks, but ola works all but a couple of those weekends, and i’m still taking two more domestic trips for work and plus most weekends are busy…holy cow!

and we’re working on figuring out day-care. which sucks. if anybody wants to come offer free services from next March – early June or so, let me know!

In good news though, we’re expecting Sharran for a visit before the end of the month, my amazing friend Christina from high school has just moved to Virginia (much closer than Chicago!), my friend Em is considering the east coast for grad school next year, I’m almost done with my first draft of my personal statement, and the weather is finally cooling down here in New York! Life is good 🙂


2 Responses to “sisterly visits”

  1. Yay baby. I’d babysit if I lived closer, but I left the East Coast 😦 Sadness.

    Thanks again for playing in August!

  2. Send me your personal statement.

    I cannot BELIEVE he’s only 8 weeks out….frick! You’ll get the stuff you need. People are going to read this and start freaking out. Tell your Mom you need a rocker!

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