belated update on our drug-trafficking neighbors

we have new neighbors now, who are just noisy enough to convince me that they are probably not criminals (see earlier post on our next door neighbors,) and life has totally returned to normal in our building, which makes me VERY happy. i got an update at lunch a little while ago, though, from a work friend who has another friend that lives across the street from us. apparently a whole mess-o-drugs was confiscated in the police raid, and the main guy that they were looking for in the bust was in the apartment when the police entered. to avoid arrest, i am told that he JUMPED from the 6th story window out the back of the building. he broke both legs, got caught (obviously) and spent several weeks in the hospital recovering from his many injuries. i guess now he’s in jail…it’s kind of hard to find information on, and it’s not something i’m spending too much time on in any case i guess. so that’s the update on our (former) neighbors!


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