strange new world: child care

now that we’re getting close to the little guy actually showing up in daylight, we’ve started looking into child care options here in new york. this is important because we don’t have the money for me to stay home. the later it gets, the more i love the idea of being able to stay with Roo until he’s more than 13 weeks old, but it seems that the cards dictate that 13 weeks is when i begin to hand my infant over to somebody else every single day for 8-9 hours. this is a really scary thought. i’m already protective, and he’s not born! he’ll be so little and helpless, if he doesn’t have excellent care, he will suffer for it.

i’m sure we’ll be able to find good care, but good care costs MONEY. here in manhattan, a nanny will easily run you $500/week. A day care that is near our home and for hospital employees and neighborhood residents costs $1600/month. another place I thought looked decent is $300/week, which is still $1200/month. And these are daycare centers where Roo will be in a room with 6-8 other infants! The Times this morning has an editorial about day care and how child care is actually a controversial item on the political agenda. so…the government doesn’t do anything to assure that people get fair wages, doesn’t provide any assistance to families except desperately poor families, and then often cuts off assistance once women start work, usually in jobs that don’t make them enough money to pay for child care….good grief. this is a major struggling point for so many families, and i’m not even going into lack of flexibility in jobs, short/non-existent paternity/maternity leave (both for bio children and adoptions), lack of recognition of single-parent households as being in a unique situation, lack of respect for families with two moms or dads, etc.

we’ll figure it out, find good child care, and get by just fine. but a lot of families don’t.


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