wow. so bush won out on his S-CHIP veto and is also threatening to veto a federal shield law to protect journalists from being forced to reveal confidential sources. this thing has support by Mike Pence and Arlen Spector, for god’s sake. It’s not some left-wing conspiracy. bush sure is a winner when it comes to protecting children’s health care rights (what health care rights, there’s an emergency room down the street…why don’t you use that???) and the rights of reporters to not reveal their sources. good thing we live in such a great democracy that the executive leader of our country protects these kids of things.

oh wait.


One Response to “vetoes”

  1. Don’t even get me started on this. The dems have the house AND the senate and they STILL can’t manage to get anything done. i remember being so excited the night of the elections, when they won all those seats, but this really saddens me. what does it take to get things done around here? they criticize the republicans for paying billions for the war but not paying for schip—yeah, well, i haven’t seen the dems do much about that war, either. makes me sick.

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