off to pittsburgh – yeah!

i’m headed to pittsburgh and more specifically slippery rock, pa this afternoon for a couple of days to check in on some of my students. exciting – rural Pennsylvania, here I come! 🙂 Also, Ola’s working days now which is so great, and this weekend we bought a car seat and stroller base for it. ROCKIN’. and by the way, i’m listening to bob dylan. it’s a good morning.

2 Responses to “off to pittsburgh – yeah!”

  1. Good, you can officially take your baby home from the hospital. 🙂

    Have fun in PA. Watch out for horse n’ buggies…

  2. mermaid mommy Says:

    Haven’t responded for a while…life has been kind of crazy busy. Did you know that Bob and I actually stood in front of Bob Dylan’s boyhood home last summer and had our photo taken? It has a very cool painting on the garage door…it’s a copy of one of Dylan’s CD covers.

    Good to know that things are clicking along for you and Ola and Baby Boy. I get the thrill of visiting with Miss Linnea tomorrow–we are heading to Essex, Iowa, to meet her at Ann’s grandpa’s farm. 🙂

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