world series idiosyncracy

i’m not too much of a sports fan. however, ola and i have followed the baseball playoffs loosely, and watched the world series at home. last night, the red sox won the series in a 4-game sweep. the animosity between new york and boston on the subject of baseball is legendary, but this morning, i noticed that the Post’s front page had as a headline Alex Rodriguez’s opting out of his contract with the Yankees. No mention of the Sox. I also grabbed an AM, and looked through the entire thing. The entire print version of the paper did not once even mention the world series. none of the other papers that i saw did either! i think the Times did, but they don’t care anyway.

it amazes me the extent to which new york is willing to ignore boston doing well – to the point that when boston wins the world series in baseball – the quintessential american sport! – they stoically ignore it, as if this years winner has been simply wiped out of memory here in manhattan. i’m torn, because it’s both hilarious and ridiculously childish.


One Response to “world series idiosyncracy”

  1. I was sad to see the Rockies got their asses kicked but it was cool enough for them just to be in the playoffs at all…I never follow baseball but I admit that having the world series a few blocks from where you go to school makes it kind of fun. 🙂

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